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I Am Here to Assist You with Your Wellness | Stretching

Langley Massage for Improved Physical Fitness


Have you been experiencing muscle soreness lately? Call Maureen Perry, RMT, at Langley Massage Therapy Clinic. Read below for guidance on stretching exercises which lengthen your soft tissues and make them more flexible and elastic. Benefits of stretching include:


  • Relaxation of your mind and body

  • Relief from soreness and tension in muscles

  • Improvement in the fitness of your body

  • Decreased risk of muscle or ligament injury


Tips for Stretching

Before you try stretching, remember to warm up your muscles so your tissues can get loosened and blood flow to your muscles can be increased. Here are a few guidelines you should keep in mind before stretching:

  • The stretch position should be reached softly and gradually, without any sudden jerks or movements.

  • Tightness, not pain, should be experienced while the position is held.

  • The position should be maintained for at least 30 seconds.

  • Stretching should be done on both sides.

  • Uniform breathing should be practised while you stretch.


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